Friday, July 17, 2009

Colour: Assasination of jJesse James etc. etc.

This one is from the scene where the james gang rob the train near the begging of the film. the whole scene when they are waiting for the train to stop is amazing. this sketch im most happy with and was the most fun to do, as well as being done in the least amount of time, an hour or two.

Colour: there will be blood

this is one of a couple of images ive done for "There Will be Blood" I'll post the others as soon as they are done. with all of these the characters are drawn generically and without much attention on making them look like they do in the films, although I think the boy has a bit of similarity with the live action character but its mostly accidental.

Colour: Dont Look Now

This is one of my favorite films, ive been really enjoying doing these quick colour sketches of scenes from films that I like while waiting to start work at in the first week in august. its nice to focus on colour and composition for a while. The films use of colour, besides that of red, is really subtle.

Colour: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof