Friday, July 13, 2012

More sketches

Animation Art Show!!

Here's my submission for the Animation Art Show which is being held on the 29th of July, in The Science Gallery in Dublin. Head on down there and you can buy some amazing pieces. All the proceeds go to The Children's Sunshine Home and LauraLynn House. 

Here's the rough drawing that I started with. Changed the watch to a pipe. I kinda wish I had enough time to have another bash at this one, but hopefully someone will like it enough to pay something for it for a good cause. 

Boots Family Trust

Here's a logo I did recently for The Boots Family Trust which has been set up to raise funds for research and support for postnatal depression. Illustrator Head over to the facebook page if you are interested in helping out a good cause:


More life drawings from The Mill sessions...


Its a chimp.

Its a boat

People in work