Thursday, September 16, 2010


Heres another pen and pencil drawing I did. I coloured him up as well but I moved job since and cant find the newer one anywhere so this will have to do until I can remember where I saved it.

Sketchbook Stuff

Hers a few drawings from my sketchbooks. One is a drawing of Lee Jay Cobb I did while watching On the Waterfront. He's got a pretty amazing head on him so it was really fun to draw. The next is a character I was trying to develop for a 2d lipsynch project I wanted to start but Ive had second thoughts about it because i think he might look just a little bit too like one of the fathers in Sleeping Beauty. So that ones on hold. The final one is a fat lady. I drew her with almost no preparatory drawing at all which is not usually the way I draw. Also I drew with pens which I've started doing more and more. Its amazing how when you can't go back on what you do, how much quicker you move forward with a drawing. Its hopefully going to be part of a much bigger illustration I'm planning in the same style.

Watercolour Monkey

Ive been trying to teach myself how to paint. Im starting out with watercolour. Its pretty damn hard. Here's my first attempt at a painting. I was watching one of David Attenborough's DVD's about chimps and apes so decided id give that a go. Appologies for the crappy scan. I have the worst scanner/printer in the world. Hopefully more to come. I am posting the original thumbnail I did as kind of a before and after.