Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sketchbook Stuff

Hers a few drawings from my sketchbooks. One is a drawing of Lee Jay Cobb I did while watching On the Waterfront. He's got a pretty amazing head on him so it was really fun to draw. The next is a character I was trying to develop for a 2d lipsynch project I wanted to start but Ive had second thoughts about it because i think he might look just a little bit too like one of the fathers in Sleeping Beauty. So that ones on hold. The final one is a fat lady. I drew her with almost no preparatory drawing at all which is not usually the way I draw. Also I drew with pens which I've started doing more and more. Its amazing how when you can't go back on what you do, how much quicker you move forward with a drawing. Its hopefully going to be part of a much bigger illustration I'm planning in the same style.

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