Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Various Sketches

Here's a few that were just lying around.

A few of the character designs are from a project I was contributing to that may or may not still see the light of day so no stealing please.

This guy was fun. There's a lot more of him but I cant seem to find them at the moment.

The Portrait Gallery in London is pretty good for drawing. This one is from a bust of some squire or other.

I cant remember what this guy was for but I still like him.
These are a really early design of a kind of hover-bike. I have never really tried to do vehicle design before so I started really loosely blocking the shapes in marker first before going into more detail. I like the roughness of these ones though.

I'm hoping this little guy will turn into something.

This ones a marker sketch on the plane during one of my trips back to Dublin. I really don't like flying at all so I think I did this as a distraction from the gigantic flying metal coffin that was taking me on my bumpy way home.
This ones for a project that died a death unfortunately.Here's another character from the waiter thing I was toying with from a previous post. God knows if it will ever evolve into a full script but hes fun to draw. It looks really messy because I was trying out blocking the shape with marker first.

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